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The killing polarizes the small community of Mayflower. As the plot progresses, Reesa watches her father being drawn further into the conflict. Reesa begins questioning her faith as she becomes conscious of the world beyond her family—a world capable of punishing good and rewarding evil. Chapter 1 4. Who is Emmett Casselton? How are these sheets and her car illustrative of her personality?

Who is in the back of the truck?

How did Reesa react? Chapter 2 9. What did Mr. What is its lasting effect? What happens at the Lakeview Inn in Mount Laura?

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Why is it so shocking to Reesa? Chapter 3 Chapter 4 How did Doto get Reesa to go to school after the funeral? How did the bee get its stripes and its wings? Who told Reesa the story? Why do you think they are in that condition? Chapter 5 How did Marvin help her? Why did the U. Supreme Court demand a retrial of the Groveland Four? Chapter 6 Chapter 7 How does Luther get the sheet music for the St. Johns A. Why does he get it this way? Chapter 8 How did Miz Sooky get her idea for an all-white garden?

What sign does Reesa notice for the first time? Why is she now noticing it? Chapter 9 How does Lucy Garnet try to persuade Armetta to return to the Garnet house? Does it work?

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Explain why or why not. Describe how Lucy Garnet is dressed. What does this tell you about her character? Chapter 10 Chapter 11 What does Luther pull out of his shirt pocket? Why is he so proud of it? What is Harry T. Moore trying to get black people to do? Describe the four documents Warren McMahon retrieves from the file in his office. Summary, Chapters 12—18 Kindred spirits meet at the beginning of this section, and Reesa and Vaylie remain pen pals throughout the remainder of the novel. Also in this section, characters become more fully realized, mysteries are revealed, and Reesa recognizes that racial prejudice is more far-reaching than she previously thought.

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Chapter 12 Describe the rattler race. Whose wedding plans did Reesa and Vaylie discover in the attic? Why is this discovery so heartbreaking? Chapter 13 What did Reesa find interesting about Harry T. Moore in the first few pages of this chapter? Chapter 14 Describe the misunderstanding about the juice price between Reesa and the father of the twins.

Why was she called that? What does Reesa claim that he did? What happens in Miami during the course of this chapter? Chapter 15 What is ironic about the Fourth of July events described in this chapter? What comparison does Reesa draw with the recent bombings and her present relationships? | Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands

Which three wars has Reesa experienced as of July 14, ? What good news is mentioned in this chapter? Chapter 16 How does Reesa know who is in the truck pursuing the rental car? Why is this ironic? How did Luther find out who was in the car that is being chased? Who was it? According to Warren, what does C.

Chapter 17 What did the Orlando Klan blow up? Why did they target it? Who is Reesa worried about the most in this chapter? Chapter 18 In the wake of senseless tragedy, her mother retreats behind a Poker Face, and Reesa worries that she will never return.

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In the midst of the confusion, voices of truth begin to be heard. Chapter 19 Who does Reesa blame for the loss? Why do you think the author dedicates an entire chapter to baseball? Chapter 20 Who recounts the events that occurred as Sheriff McCall transported Mr. Irvin and Mr. Shepherd from Raiford State Prison to Tavares? What happened? Chapter 21 What happened in Miami on December 4, ? How long did it take? How much time was there between events? Describe the buildings. Why does Reesa think that her mother is keeping her Poker Face on? Chapter 22 What threats have Sal and Sophia received?

Why did they receive them? What have they decided to do? What is the content of the TV newscast? How does Reesa channel her anger? Chapter 23 What are they wearing? For whom do they work? Chapter 24 According to the rules, what is a shopkeeper supposed to do?

Does Reesa approve? Sign up for our newsletters! Perspicacious Reesa McMahon narrates the story as she comes of age amid fragrant rows of citrus trees and whitewashed clapboard houses in the fictional town of Mayflower. As transplanted Yankees, Reesa's family is only halfheartedly accepted into a white community steeped in Southern culture and Baptist fervor.


Life is a paragon of childish innocence for the protagonist until family friend Marvin Cully, an African-American citrus picker, is viciously beaten and murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. As the story unfolds, Reesa must reconcile her neighbors' generosity and Southern charm with their bigotry and violence. The local police, a stronghold of Klan members, glosses over the brutal crime. Fearing no repercussions, the Ku Klux Klan embarks on a campaign of terror, blowing up African-American housing projects, Jewish community centers, and Catholic churches across the state.

In Mayflower, the only white family besides the McMahons to socialize with the black community are run out of town amid death threats and vandalism to their grocery store.

Lay that trumpet in our hands

Finally, a double murder gets the attention of the FBI, who arrives in Mayflower to investigate. Reesa's father is among the few who dare to help the federal agents, putting the family into peril.

The dramatic finale recounts true events that brought about a measure of justice and decimated the Klan's iron rule over Central Florida.