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Edit Cast Cast overview: Kent Taylor Tim Bancroft Valentin de Vargas Joaquin Murieta Lisa Montell Clarita Vasconcelos Joe Raciti Jack Garcia Chubby Johnson Tampico Barbara Mansell Cassie Allen Jaffe Torres Troy Melton Definition of firebrand. Synonyms Did You Know? Example Sentences Learn More about firebrand. Synonyms for firebrand Synonyms agitator , demagogue also demagog , exciter , fomenter , incendiary , inciter , instigator , kindler , provocateur , rabble-rouser Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Did You Know? Examples of firebrand in a Sentence a firebrand who urged crowds to riot during the blackouts. Recent Examples on the Web That is, if one of the progressive firebrands dropped out, the other would take those suddenly unmoored voters and catapult past the centrist former vice president. First Known Use of firebrand 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1.

Learn More about firebrand. Resources for firebrand Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Listen to Our Podcast about firebrand. Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox! Sign Up. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. What is a 'Firebrand'? From a burning stick to a divisive agitator. Comrades Mary Squire, A. Isaak, E. Slabs, John Pawson and myself visited the meetings in the city where free discussion was had, and accasionally [sic] took part in the discussions.

We talked the matter over and concluded to start a paper. The early issues of the paper reflect this localized radical or reform community.


Yet, quickly the paper took on a much more forthrightly anarchistic cast. The paper also established itself as not simply for the people of Portland, or even the west, but for the whole Anarchist Movement. Owen, an English anarchist then living in the U. Firebrand rapidly joined a larger anarchist community. The paper had no editor. We have no organization, no constitution, by-laws, rules, officers or dues.

Each works at what he or she is most competent to do. Several influential members of the Firebrand Group, deserve at least a brief sketch of their lives. Morris, as Addis mentioned was a printer by trade.

An American-born anarchist and a poet, he first published a short-lived anarchist paper Freedom in Portland in Morris, who also worked as a carpenter, died in when he fell off the roof of a house while working. Henry Addis — was an American-born anarchist who settled in Portland in after living for some years in Colorado. Addis co-founded Freedom with Morris and was one of the leading forces of Firebrand. At the time, Firebrand began publication, he had already published the pamphlet Receptive and Imperative Wants and their Gratification through Labor Exchange Addis remained in Portland after Firebrand ceased publication and eventually moved to the anarchist colony Home in Puget Bay, Washington.

The last important member of the Firebrand group is Abe Isaak — and the rest of his family including his wife Mary — and their children, Abe Jr. The Isaaks, unlike many of the other members of the Firebrand Group were not American-born, but were Russian Mennonite immigrants. The Isaaks were farmers in Portland, and Firebrand often included notes that the paper was late or that Isaak would need time to answer mail because he was getting the hay ready, or working in the hop fields, or simply tending the cows. Abe Isaak later become a printer after learning the trade working on Firebrand.

The whole family worked on the paper together and eventually the house they built outside Portland was used as the office for Firebrand. After his arrest with Addis and A. Pope for the publication of obscene material in the paper, Isaak and his family moved to San Francisco where in late the resumed the publication under the new name, Free Society.

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Free Society , published from, became the most important and enduring English language anarchist communists papers in the United States at the turn of the century. The paper saw itself as bringing anarchism to a working-class and English speaking audience, an audience that reflected their own identities. To do this the editors disregarded perfect spelling and typesetting in exchange for the regular publication of Firebrand. They understood the paper as propaganda for the anarchist movement, and as such regular publication was the most important consideration.

The paper is the very best we can make it under the circumstances. For many in the Firebrand group, the unprofessional and unfinished nature of the paper was an important defining characteristic, another example of how necessary the social revolution was.

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Viroqua Daniels explained in an issue her disdain for other anarchists who refused to write or associate with the paper because of its unfinished nature,. If we are so impoverished that we must spread notions of revolt in a haphazard way instead of in the most finished style, will we hasten the revolution by pulling back in the harness because the leather, it is made of, is not of the finest grade? Suppose an idea we have wrestled with till the perspiration started is ingloriously made as naught by a wrong use of type, is that all we do that ends in failure?

Come, come, comrades. Think better of it. For Daniels and other contributors to the paper the necessity to live, act, and express their ideals far outweighed the need for perfectly spelled copy. Instead the purpose of the paper was propaganda introducing anarchism to a larger American audience. In a later issue, the editors more clearly spelled out the perceived shortcomings of their paper, and more important, what they believed to be its strengths.

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Issues of the Firebrand often had long discussions and debates among correspondents, contributors and the editorial group. These discussions sometimes lasted for weeks at a time, covering much the same material: definitions of anarchism, authority, state socialism and anarchist communism, and why free love and free motherhood were necessary for true freedom. At times these discussions must have become tedious for even the editors, as the same ground was covered repeatedly. But in the process and act of introduction by the editors, they also helped to create a very American version of anarchist communism.

From its earliest publication, Firebrand conceived itself as a weekly paper introducing anarchist communist ideas to American English-speaking radicals. It was only the second English-language paper in this vein in America, the first, the short-lived Solidarity appeared intermittently between and Regular features of early issues included news notes and comments on the state of the working class, including strike notes, statistics on wages and poverty, and calls to revolution, as well as poetry and short stories imagining an anarchist future.


With publication of the July 21, issue the editors of Firebrand s et out to explain what they meant when they wrote and spoke of anarchism. However, rather than simply defining their terms, the editors chose to open the pages of the paper to all their readers, inviting participants to help work out some of the basic principles. All the comrades wishing to, are invited to take part in this discussion, but we request that they make their contributions short and to the point.

The editors and contributors to the paper created an outlet for an ongoing discussion. The first contribution to the discussion came from the eminent American anarchist, William Holmes, published the next week on the front page. But for anarchist communist, who saw economic freedom as central, individual liberty without food and shelter seemed impossible.