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The Seige of Corfinium 4. Pompey leaves Italy 5.

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Caesar's Senate 6. Resistance at Massilia 7. The First Spanish campaign - Ilerda 8. A naval fight at Massilia 9. Spain - a war of attrition The Seige of Massilia 2. Spain - the surrender of Varro 3. Massilia capitulates 4. Africa - Curio's campaign 5. Caesar in Italy - Pompey's preparations 2. Negotiations in Epirus 3. Trouble in Italy 4. Antony runs the gauntlet 5. The Lieutenants in Macedon 6. Stalemate at Dyrrachium 7.

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Setbacks for Caesar 8. Caesar moves to Thessaly 9.

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Pompey follows The battle of Pharsalus The death of Peompey Events in Egypt. Miltary preparations 2. The water supply poisoned 3. Naval engagements 4. The last stages II. Events in Asia III. Events in Illyricum IV. Events in Spain V.

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Initail landings in Africa 2. Waiting at Ruspina 3. Consolidation 4. Caesar takes the offense 5. The Pompeians lose the initiative 6. Thapsus 7. The settlement of Africa The Spanish War 1. Caesar pursues the Pompeians 2. The victory of Munda 3. The Text II. Pharsalus IV. See All Customer Reviews.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Civil War is Caesar's masterly account of the celebrated war between himself and his great rival Pompey, from the crossing of the Rubicon in January 49 B. At this point the book, and the whole work, ends abruptly. The main emphasis of the commentary is historical, but Caesar's literary technique is also scrutinised. The Latin text is newly constituted with a brief apparatus criticus. Latin text with facing-page English translation, introduction and commentary. It is a scholarly work with useful references and cross-references.

Julius Caesar's Civil War

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