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Tempura Batter. Very light, good for delicates such as shrimp and vegetables. This batter should be made at the last minute, just before using.

5 Easy Ways to Make Fried Food Healthy

Cornmeal Batter. This make a pleasant gritty coating with shades of the Deep South so flavour accordingly with Cajun seasoning or, if you can get it, Old Bay Seasoning which is ubiquitous in the States and is especially good with seafood. Failing that a pinch of chilli powder.


To add a dry coating follow these guidelines An easy way to apply the dry coating is to have the crumbs or cornmeal in a deep straight sided box. Drop the eggy item into it and shake the box to coat. Lift it out and continue with the next piece. Mix together equal quantities of yellow cornmeal and plain flour together with seasonings; salt, black pepper and perhaps paprika and cayenne to taste.

Crispy Batter that Stays Crispy (for a long time)

As this is a recipe from the Deep South buttermilk is traditional instead of egg for dipping. Bread Crumbs.

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You could use the vibrantly coloured bought in crumbs or alternatively make your own! Cool then process or crush to fine crumbs.

Incidentally, see here for a great use for breadcrumbs - Pangrattato. Japanese Bread Crumbs Panko. If you are familiar with this blog you will know that I am very keen indeed on these and use them in all sorts of unusual ways. They make a lovely thick crunchy coating for fried food - these are shallow fried slices of avocado. Of course crispy coatings are a great way to make all sorts of leftovers delicious!

The Standard Breading Process

In Other News Newer Post Older Post Home. Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. Due to their uniquely crispy exterior and juicy interior, breaded fried foods, in particular, are popular among consumers.

Homemade Onion Rings - Super Crispy Easy and Delicious

Unlike many books that have focused solely on the process of deep-fat frying and fried foods in general, Breaded Fried Foods is one of the first references to provide a coherent and concise overview of issues that are specific to breaded, or battered, fried foods. With internationally recognized authors, including renowned expert Dr. Manjeet S.

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  • Chinnan, this comprehensive resource addresses groundbreaking advances in the reduction of fat uptake in fried foods, best practices for enhancing the quality of breaded fried foods, techniques for improving product crispness, and the impact of breading and batters on the quality of frying oil.

    The book also discusses new industry frying methods, preventive measures to reduce oil waste, and pre- and post-frying procedures to limit oil uptake. Deep-fat fried foods are universal with strong consumer appeal in countries worldwide.